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Ben’s presentation is truly authentic and inspiring, he speaks from the heart.

What People Have To Say About Bens Inspiring Keynotes.

"I have run many conferences over the years and one challenge is the “last speaker”. It is extremely hard to finish with a “lift” at the end. Ben was by far the best I have ever seen.

I had the opportunity last night to attend a local networking meeting where Marcia Wieder was the speaker. Marcia is known as the Dream Coach. I first met Marcia back in 1993 when she had just published her first book "Make Your Dreams Come True." Back then, my dream was to become a speaker and do workshops like she did.

Based on her two decades of experience coaching clients in both the private and public sectors Winning from Within ®: A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living and Lasting Change a New York Times Bestseller by leadership expert Erica Ariel Fox helps readers learn to navigate high stakes interactions – from business deals, client calls, and team meetings to family arguments, landlord disputes, and.

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Jan 16, 2019  · Marcia Wieder. 4,82 € 7 Days to Improve Relationships: A New Way to Love. Maria Jesus MarinLopez.

Being Woman’s 21 Inspirational Quotes: Transformation in 21 Days. Aliya Abbas. 7,06 € Change your mind, to change your life.

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Superstar Speaker . Are you ready to become a Superstar Speaker? Do you have a secret desire to do workshops, retreats or seminars? Would you like to crack the code on how to make six figures in a weekend at your seminars without an email list? It’s time to share your message, your story, and your passion from the stage.

Therese Gedda is the Founder and CEO of 30minMBA. Besides running the award-winning startup, she is a seasoned international keynote speaker on topics including the entrepreneurial mindset, business culture and personal branding.

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